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Friday, May 10, 2013

Jang Geun Suk : [video call] at Global We Got Married EP06 (Hong Ki & Fuji Mina couples) !

as we know, Sukkie and Lee Hong Ki (FT Island) like a brothers and sometimes they look like twins! :). sometimes they both come out to hang out with their gang cocoballs or hang out with Shinhye and some friends.

and now, Hong Ki is following the famous variety shows tv shows in Korea "Global We Got Married".. which tells Hong Ki became the husband of a girl and tell about their married life.
and it turns out the girl is paired with Hong Ki is Fuji Mina (Japanese model), and as we all know Sukkie and Mina have worked in a music video of a Japanese band Every Little Thing (STAR / MOON).

before.. Shinhye also got a call from Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) when Yong Hwa following the WGM with Seo Hyun (Girl's Generation) as his pairs ! check here (start at 4.00).

haha.. so the some best friends of Sukkie and Shinhye has been following this WGM show.. just hope when Sukkie and Shinhye will follow this variety show.. hopefully their paired together! aminn.. ^^

and this reaction when Sukkie got a call from Hong Ki who invited him to come to Hong Ki and Mina wedding in the WGM show! :)).

Source : WGM (YT)