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Monday, September 3, 2012

Jang Geun Suk : (FA) Cri Show II Taiwan 120801 !

this is fan account from Admin this blog when seeing Jang Geun Suk's concert in Taiwan (Sept 01, 2012).
for photos and video.. take away from the media because I have not had time to move what I snap out of my pocket camera to lappy :P.

on Friday, August 31.. I'm so excited.. haha, because i will go to Taiwan to see Sukkie again :D, about 1 pm plane that took me to fly.. but due to transit in KL (Malaysia) made quite late arriving at Taoyuan airport (Taiwan) >.<.
I arrived.. directly check in to the hotel.. and relax.. to see twitter, weibo and a little update this blog.. so tired.. but a little disappointed not to get to see Sukkie playing tennis >.<, be patient for tomorrow can see him.. hehe.

morning (Sept 01).. wake up and with my friend who want to vacation in Taiwan as well.. I decided to drive around Taiwan before.. (while there here.. why not? :D), although a bit anxious because not participate queue to buy goods Sukkie, luckily when breakfast at the hotel cafe i meet eels friends who turned out to the hotel with me and she would I leave details to purchase goods Sukkie, hahaa.. thanks cri! ^^, whatever she would buy for me, I will say thank you!.. because actually I'm not interested in the goods being sold in cri show Taiwan.. there are goods that are currently in cri show Seoul already sold out, but apparently not in other cri show (I like the color eco cup mint, purple, pink, black), I would likely have purchased through to the eels online shop.. with forced! T_T.

after lunch, I went back to the hotel first.. rest well and shower again (the weather was quite hot.. whereas previous day of heavy rain).. and about an hour and a half three in the afternoon I went to the new cri show held (Taipei Arena), must have been so many eels :), acquainted with some new eels from outside Taiwan too much. happy to meet with the people of one heart and one mind.. especially about Sukkie! haha.

after meet my eels friend that hotel as well.. she better get the goods for me.. leopard bag, towel sexy pictorial Sukkie :D, the other already sold out. deposit from a friend can't even.. mianhe dongsaeng.

an hour before the show begins, the entrance opened, and the queue to enter the building arena concert eels so very long! :)).

after entered in the arena (my position in the middle of the top, rather quite far from the stage, but quite clearly and comfortably to see Sukkie ^^).

before the event starts.. large screen of the stage rotated Sukkie MV (welcome to the magic world with abracadabra song), and then finally to Sukkie.. he's very handsome, he is a prince asia! ^^.

about nineteen tracks from the album, ost drama, and songs from the team H he brought with dancers.
not regret watching the concert .. really like the world of magic and enchanted by the appearance of his voice while singing !. the duration of the concert two hours more.. was so perfect.. and very proud to be his fan!.

UPDATE Pictures 120904:

this a 9 minute first his performed :

after the concert, I went straight back to the hotel.. me and some of eels.. tried to follow Sukkie.. hehe, of course, to try to keep our distance.. that Sukkie feel comfortable.
Sukkie and his staff held a dinner in a restaurant and club for the party.. although I don't really like to go to the club but ended up coming too.. hahaa, to see him! LOL.
has a become habit of Sukkie after every his concert, always invites the staff, his crew for dinner and party, to celebrate the success of the concert.. and share happiness with people who have a lot of help him.. so that each concert get success!.

after midnight, my eyes are heavy and sleepy.. and tired.. me and eels that one hotel come back to our hotel, really tired but happy! :).

morning (Sept02).. I woke up at 8am.. haha, after breakfast.. get ready to pack my things (just bring a backpack.. hihi) and about ten o'clock I went to the airport.. will go back to my country again, but first wanted to see Sukkie again.. because Sukkie also back to Korea on that day.
fortunately Sukkie first flight of my flight.. so I could see him before going home.. haha.

there have been many eels were waiting for him, so he showed up immediately the eels (including me) hysterically calling his name.. and say good bye Cri!, he waved and said bye Cri.. smiling sweetly.. ouch my heart melt seeing his smile! hahaha..
Eels eyes don't hold off until he look no further again :)).

and after waiting about an hour.. my flight finally arrived, I'm back to home!
really nice weekend.. hope one day to see him again..
cri show next year? where to go? Seoul? Let's save more! hahaaa..

Source : Admin, pic as tagged, eels friends, nugoTV (uploader YT)