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Park Shin Hye Birthday..

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jang Geun Suk : new Official website will available, soon !

today, Sukkie leave his message on his Youtube channel about opening his new official website, and his management (treeJ) already info on twitter about that..

[Sukkie msg on YT] :

hahaha.. you will doing PigRabbit nose ? ;))~
and Sukkie use the same shirt..
with he was make over Pig Rabbit doll on You're Are Beautiful drama!

[treeJ tweet] :
배우 장근석의 새로운 공식홈페이지가 내일 임시 오픈합니다. 주소는 http://www.princejks.com 이고, 자세한것은 현재 홈페이지 공지사항에서 확인해주시기 바랍니다.
translation : Actor Jang's new official website. It will be temporary open tomorrow. Address is http://www.princejks.com, for more details please view the notice in the current official website.

[the Official Website] :

for membership must to pay 20000 won !
liked this new ofc ! 
all content is complete and clear, is also available with English translation, Japanese, and Chinese!

Sukkie's official website will be renewed. soon. 
It is scheduled to open temporarily tomorrow (March 29). The official opening day is April 1st. You can enjoy messages from JKS, his photos, videos and more on the site. 
Cri-J 2nd-period fan club members can continue your activities there as heretofore. 
In addition, we plan to recruit his long-awaited 3rd-period fan club members from April. 
Thank you for your interest to newly-opened JKS website.

1. The new website address: www.princejks.com
2. After signing up as members, you’ll access all the menu (contents). 
If you don’t, you can access only “ABOUT JKS”. We don’t accept any sign-ups right now. 
Please wait until further notice.

Source : Sukkie Youtube and OFC site, Management(treeJ) twitter, weibo , jksforever