Jang Geun Suk Birthday..

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Park Shin Hye Birthday..

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Sukkie : "...God is leading us to that way..."
Shinhye : "...we're fated to meet each other..."

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jang Geun Suk : the type of his girl is Park Shin Hye ! ^___^

Sukkie interview on Kuwazugirai program (Japanese TV) here, he talk about his type girl and about his dating ! ;))

waw, woman who can comfortably walk around with heels ? we know who is that !
that's is Park Shin Hye !
she always wear high heels and looks very beautiful and elegant! ^^


“It has been three years ?!?”
hhmmm… three years…

when viewed from YAB Prime aired, it's been 3 years now!
ahh if the couple began dating seriously after YAB? hahaa.. only those who know!
because we was convinced long before YAB.. they had known each other and close (remember Sukkie interview, he feels comfortable doing kissing scenes with Shinhye in YAB because earlier they already do that in the CF! .. and it's hotter? haha).. * remember Etude House VIP Girl? * hahaha ..

well.. GeunShin/SukHye is Real couple ! ^^

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