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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Park Shin Hye : Hayate the Combat Butler (Taiwanese TV series) debuts in Korea !

Actress Park Shin Hye’s first Taiwanese TV series "Oh My Princess" (hayate the combat butler) will debut in Korea.

On November 16, cable channel Drama Cube announced that they will air the series in Korea for the first time starting on December 2.

When Park went to Taiwan to promote the series, she showed off her popularity by paralyzing the Airport and the major roads in downtown area to a stand still. She recently appeared on a popular Chinese talk show and signed a contract with a famous Japanese agency. Park is showing busy steps as the next generation “Hallyu Queen.”

Based on a famous Japanese comic book, the drama is about a innocent boy (played by George Hu) who suddenly got dump with huge debt, and a girl (played by Park) who is a daughter in a rich family.  The drama was loved in Taiwan because the story evolved as the romance with a twist of comic when the boy became the butler of the rich girl’s family.

Park pointed out by saying, “The amusement of compiling different character’s personality makes the series more enjoyable. Especially, many handsome boys appear on the series.”

The series will start airing on December 2 at 10:oo p.m.

Source : Starnews