Jang Geun Suk Birthday..

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Park Shin Hye Birthday..

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Sukkie : "...God is leading us to that way..."
Shinhye : "...we're fated to meet each other..."

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Perasaan Jang Geun Suk kepada Park Shin Hye ! ^^

Pada show pertama Asia Tour-nya, wartawan bertanya sama Jang Geun Suk tentang tokoh utama cewek di drama "You're Beautiful", Park Shin Hye.

Setiap peristiwa fan meeting yang Geun Suk gelar dia always nyebut nama Shin Hye dan ini adalah salah satu konferensi pers terbaru dari FM Hong Kong.

Ketika ditanya tentang Park Shin Hye, Jang Geun Suk menjawab masing-masing dari mereka lagi mencari ke arah hubungan yang potensial. Dia juga menyatakan bahwa ideologi mereka adalah sama dan bahwa ibunya sangat suka sama Park Shin Hye !

Dibawah ini ada beberapa mention JGS about PSH.. omooo.. so cute ! 

Geun Suk Never Fails to mention Shin Hye at his Asia Tour FM's

During the PC, Sukkie mentions that his mom likes Shin Hye and that they live 5 minutes from each other.  He also mentions that after YB ended, because Shin Hye was having difficulty getting out of her role, they stopped contacting for a while, but now they are in frequent contact because of future opportunities to work together again.  (We saw this in collaboration of the Garden CF~more information of this to come later.)   cr: karrenbunny

“In an Interview done in beijing yesterday, Sukkie mentioned Shin Hye.


张根硕:这段时间从合作的导演还有前辈们那里学到了很多,对我来说都是很宝贵的财富。拍《快乐人生》的时候,李俊益导演、郑镇荣前辈、金允锡前辈都 给过我建议,一起合作《黄真伊》的(河)智苑姐姐也好,甚至是后辈们,比如说*朴信惠*还有就是演技生涯比我开始得要晚的成宥利……都有很多值得我学习 的地方。我会尽可能的与他们交流,不断学习。Credit: Sohu China

Among actors that you’ve worked with, who do you think has benefited you the most?
JGS: I have learnt from the older and younger actors that I have worked with recently, and they’re all very precious to me…,even the younger ones, such as Park Shin Hye, or those who started their acting career late, like Uee, they embody many qualities that I wish to learn, so I will try my best to communicate as much with them as possible and learn.”  cr: Karen

HE MENTIONED SHIN HYE directly and indirectly during the JAPAN FM.  I was there as a witness!!!  That boy did not disappoint at all.

He was asked about the ANJell members and for Shin Hye, he said that they haven’t SEEN each other because she’s been busy filming her new movie.  And while we were watching a clip of YB, in one scene, TK says GMN’s name and Sukkie said GMN, only her name and kinda chuckled after saying that.  And for the concert scene at the end of ep. 16, just as TK said I love you to GMN, Sukkie spazzed.  Well he screamed.  If you’ve seen the commentary in the dcut for the first Kiss, Sukkie also screamed in there.  The scream is exactly the same. So Sukkie was spazzing for the line.


so..whatever relationship they have ( FRIENDS OR LOVERS ? ) even if they would have different screen partners…we love the both of them…cute, adorable, sweet.. ! ^^

Source : #parkshinhye.org